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Windshield Repair and Insurance

Windshield repair is often covered by the comprehensive portion of your automobile insurance policy. Various insurance companies will waive the deductible requirement if a windshield is repaired rather than replaced.

Insurance companies have recognized the benefits of windshield repair. All major insurance companies encourage windshield repair. Cost, safety, convenience and your satisfaction are among the reasons insurers suggest windshield repair.

Windshield Replacement

  • We can waive up to $150 on your comprehensive deductible

Out of Pocket

  • Depends on year make and model of the vehicle

If your windshield has cracked or chipped, then make sure to get it fixed in a timely manner for safety and to keep the cost low. In San Diego and Orange County, windshield repairs are covered by the automobile insurance policy where the insurance companies waive the deductible requirement for windshield repair.

At 911 Windshield Repair & Replacement, we work closely with most of the major and leading insurance companies in the U.S., and this helps us assist our clients with insurance claim pertaining to windshield repairs. So, if your insurance policy and the company covers windshield repairs, it will be easy on your pocket and budget.

Likewise, if your vehicle needs a windshield replacement, then the policy will cover you to some extent, though you will have to pay some of the cost. The total out-of-pocket cost amount varies depending on different factors such as:

  • The extent of the damage, and
  • The vehicle’s make and model.

Also, you will be responsible for any outstanding cost that your insurance policy doesn’t cover.